Thursday, August 12, 2010

In Between Season

The beginning of fall is always a bittersweet time for me, and has been since I was very small for some reason. It is the start of the school year and the beginning of the Jewish year as well. And this year, it is perhaps the start of a different life, one without my parents. I have long been the "parent" anyway, caring for my parents as they aged and became more and more helpless, particularly my mom. My dad even called me "Mom," inadvertently. I think I got too pushy and bossy with them. It was hard not to, since I made just about all the decisions, by my dad's request.
I have hopes for the manuscripts I have put together, even though I keep getting back things I have sent out with the same response--they ALMOST made it into the anthologies, etc. or ALMOST won the contest, but not quite. I know this is why Richard gave up writing, and it is a difficult shoal to avoid wrecking myself upon too. I stopped writing once for a similar reason. I learned from that experience that one just has to keep on writing. It is the process, not the product that is important anyhow.


Lou said...

Exactly. It is the act of writing.

Robbi said...

But I DO want to be published, want my work out there, so I just keep trying.