Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

The theme of kindness continues this season. Yesterday, I went over to the house of a friend from the choir to get a ride to Long Beach, where a choir party would take place. Though I COULD conceivably drive there, it would take hours on PCH, at night, in a strange neighborhood because I do not take freeways. Rather than do this, I asked to tag along with a choir member, and got a couple of offers.
I had been to this person's house (the person I was riding with), so I just looked up the address on Google Maps, and printed out the directions. Unfortunately, as before with the Santa Ana address, I didn't put in the whole address--it had a NORTH on it that I didn't notice. So I got very lost, and was wandering around in a complex, behind a security gate. A resident there was getting out of her car (in fact, her car was the reason I was able to get through the gate at all), so I asked her for assistance. She insisted on me getting in the car and she drove all around to look for the address. So I called this friend, and she talked to the woman with the car, who led me as I drove all around the complex, and then went back home when I got to my destination.
I have to remember to return this kindness to the first person who requires it, as well a the kindness of another synagogue friend who is assisting me with financial issues and will not take any money for it, although I expected to pay it, and indeed offered it. When I feel grouchy and put-upon, I must remember this, and return the favors.


Lou said...

People can be wonderfully kind!

Robbi said...

Yes, and cruel sometimes too. Nothing if not extreme.