Saturday, August 21, 2010

Holiday China

Every holiday, anniversary, or significant social gathering, my mother would bring down the good china from the cabinet. It wasn't an important occasion without it. I learned to associate this china with delicious food, good company, and mostly happy times. So it was wonderful to unpack each piece and pack it away again securely in an airtight plastic bag inside another plastic container for storage. Amazingly, only one small bowl got broken.
I don't have all the pieces. The teapot, pitcher, and gravy bowl never made it here (unless I have them elsewhere and forgot them, but I don't think so), but the rest, service for 6--dinner plates, salad plates, tea cups, saucers, and one little odd staffordshire gravy boat and one matching little oval serving dish, made it fine.


Lou said...

I wish you could use this china!

liz said...

what a beautiful pattern and the
scalloped edges delicious!

Robbi said...

So glad you like it as much as I do! I especially like the square dessert/salad plates. The teapot and gravy boat were two of my favorite pieces, but unfortunately, I don't have them! But I have the serving platter. Many a good dinner reposed on that.
I WILL use the china Lou, but only for special occasions. Otherwise, it is sure to get broken. My mother most likely had 4 sets of dishes--2 everyday sets (one for meat and one for milk); 2 holiday sets (ditto), but I don't remember this being the case in my memory.