Sunday, August 1, 2010


After yesterday's tribute, I felt fortified to start tackling my parents' belongings in the spare room. I didn't by any means get a significant amount done, but each bit of excavation required painstaking investigative examination. Here were checks my dad had gotten for his stocks, and never signed or given to me, letters from people I should inform of their deaths, belongings that I would find a use for. Each box brought fresh surprises, and the feeling that my dad, especially, was right there with me. It wasn't a sad feeling, not now, though it would have been a month ago. I'm glad I waited. I've got plenty more to go. Now I was able to throw out old sudoku books I couldn't have tossed a few weeks ago, and keep the truly valuable things, pictures, letters, etc. Another day, I will dip back into the pile and work at it again.


Lou said...

You have a good tactic here, taking a little at a time. There is no rush.

Robbi said...

Yes. It's best this way. I also found a bunch of uncirculated $2.00 bills that my uncle sent my dad at his request. Dad was under the impression they were valuable, but my uncle told him they weren't, just inconvenient.