Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Stuff

Just as I thought I was through with my parents' stuff, packing it all away in airtight plastic bags for about 6 months before I'll pore through the photos and hang some on the walls of our new place, if we have one by then, two enormous boxes arrived from my uncle's house. Though he had said he was going to sell the English china and few pieces of silver I salvaged from the house on Ebay, he apparently did not do that, or at least this is how I interpret the rattling from the boxes. However, if these are indeed from my parents' house, I must be very careful in unpacking them and disposing of the boxes and newspapers or popcorn he used to pack them. My parents' house was infested will all sorts of insects and other terrible things. I will unpack outside, and wash up immediately thereafter. I do not look forward to that, and have no idea where I will put the china and silver... perhaps in the garage, in a plastic crate, if they fit. Someday I will have a kitchen big enough to put them in the cabinet, I hope.


Lou said...

The fall-out continues! Takes a long while to clean up after a life.

Robbi said...

That is so true! And when there are two lives in question, even more true.