Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Sunday

Today was a huge volunteer day at our synagogue and many other religious and community institutions. I spend the morning at the synagogue giving out free tee-shirts to all the volunteers, who were doing things like preparing sandwiches for the shelter, playing poker and majong (sp?) for charity, cleaning and repairing donated children's books, doing crafts, and eating baked goods on sale to raise money for hunger. There was live music, and it was a jolly sort of occasion. It was a balm to my worried soul.
Last night R and I celebrated our anniversary early by going to the final play in the SCR series. I didn't buy tickets for next year's series because I am worried about money, not knowing when or if I will get a decent schedule of classes or something else to replace them ever again, or at least for the foreseeable future.
It may be that I really need a rest anyhow, and will emerge from this changed and charged, renewed even. I hope so. And I hope I have the opportunity to get back into the classroom and teach again. I love doing it.


Robin said...

Your synagogue sounds like a great community! It must be wonderful to be a part of a synagogue that values helping others so much, and makes these events so much fun, too! I hope they get a lot of volunteers!

Robbi said...

It was Big Sunday, an event that included not just our synagogue but many churches, synagogues, temples, and social organizations of all kinds across the U.S. There were all kinds of volunteer events. I should have remembered to ask you if you wanted to come, but I got a bit distracted by my recent news.