Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good dinner!

Yesterday I bought some flash frozen sole at the Farmer's Market in Laguna Hills, behind Sears. I love to go there, not the least because it reminds me so much of my dad, who dearly loved the place. But it is hard to decide what to do with the fish I buy there. Today I picked up a sauce at Sprouts, a Polynesian variety, and swirled into it a driblet of sweet chile sauce, along with strips of ginger and chopped garlic, white beech mushrooms, stirfried with the fish chunks, looking like little toad stools, baby bok choy, and chopped scallions. It was very tasty, zesty and sweet, unlike yesterday's misbegotten mess of a dinner I cooked up. I just don't do pasta well, sad to say.

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