Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day, and a Good Beginning To Summer!

The day has dawned appropriately for the first day of the summer season, with bright sunshine, though it seems quite cool. I am glad of that, since our windows have still not been repaired, and we cannot easily open them. We have no air conditioning, and I hope that that will work okay, since we are not really in a good position to buy that system now. For now, the ceiling fans and the shades and the screen doors we have put in downstairs ought to help!
Here's wishing you a relaxing, summery day!


marly youmans said...

Same to you...

I posted something of interest to you today--don't know whether you will like it or not, but it is of interest. Lots of info about nanopress.

Robbi said...

I'll have a look at it. For now, I am being choosey about who publishes my manuscripts. I have to give it a chance before resorting to other things, after all. I promise not to give up entirely though.