Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Changes Are Always a Challenge

Now that I have to change things so radically, finding a new place to work and possibly new sorts of work to do, I am not looking forward to it. I will take my bit of rest, even though fall is the best time to get an academic job. I need to recharge, to rethink things. I needed a rest long ago, to tell the truth.
I am grateful that I get a chance to think things through, and hope that it all comes to something. If nothing else, I'll get some more writing done, work on the collection of non-fiction essays, write critical essays on the stuff I've been teaching all these years. I'm seldom idle.


marlyat2 said...

Yes, you do need a break. Enjoy. And much luck in finding your next post--may it be fascinating and rewarding.

Robbi said...

Thanks Marly. From your mouth to God's ear, as they say.