Saturday, May 21, 2011

Odd Web Stuff

It always disturbs me when I push on a link in my blogger Dashboard, only to be told that a titled page in someone else's blog linked to my own does not exist. I feel the same small thrill of existential panic I once did as a child when I would sit with my Viewmaster looking at the plains of Africa and suddenly, between shots of lions and giraffes on the veldt, a startling field of nothingness would loom, obliterating the world.
For those of you who do not know what a Viewmaster is, since I don't think they still exist in these days of high technology, they were a low tech way for children of my generation to watch little film strips and stories. The machine was a little eyepiece, with double windows for the eyes where a disk lined on the edges with tiny thumbnail photos would project in stereo for the two eyes an image. We even had a Viewmaster projector when I was very young, where one could project the pictures on a blank wall. Mine exploded in a spectacular shower of gears and burning plastic when I was about 5. I remember that and the room size ironing machine at which my mother used to iron sheets and table cloths while I hid beneath the folds of fabric, pretending to be in a cave.

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