Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Here

That old crackpot and his tribe in New Zealand must be disappointed that the world has not ended. Despite some minor volcanic eruptions in Iceland and an earthquake or two, a solar explosion, everything goes blessedly on, I am thankful to say. This gives all of us another chance to do better, to go on being what and who we are.
On that note, yesterday I attended a fun event. A friend from yoga, Holly Mosier, had a book party for her new diet and exercise book. She is an amazing person with perhaps the strongest will I have ever seen, transforming herself and her family into fitness mavens nearly overnight, and she has managed to do it while still being kind and to all appearances humble, a rare feat.
I am sure you will be seeing her book around and will see her as well on television interview shows and in magazines. She is intelligent, articulate, by profession a lawyer, originally, and beautiful to look at. She has crafted this book meticulously, and I am certain it will be successful. Good luck to her! She has made her own luck, I think. It's a lesson to me.


Robin said...

No rapture. *sigh* Still here. (Only Kidding!) I'm seriously glad that silliness is over!

Your friend in yoga sounds great, and her hopefully her example will inspire many to embrace healthier and happier lifestyles!

Robbi said...

I'm glad it's over too.

marlyat2 said...

Silly. He ought to try reading the book, as it is all spelled out--nobody knows, thanks. But the media really loves and runs with anything that can tar Christians as idiots, so he got a lot more exposure than he deserved.

Does this mean you're going to become a maven, a guru of something? I think you ought to be the Guru of Short and the Maven of Nabokov!

Robbi said...

I don't mean to make fun of Christians in general. It really is a fascinating idea, the end of the world. It's not a surprise that people keep pronouncing it. But the notion of the Rapture is so bizarre, just the image of all those naked pink bodies rising through the air (because I'm sure in the minds those people who believe this, they are mostly of that shade) is absurd.
I won't be a maven. And it's been a long time since I've studied any Nabokov. I'm still short though.