Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dream of the Week

In my interrupted sleep of the past weeks, I seem to have the same fragments of dreams over and over again, which wake me and ruin my sleep. Last night though, I had a different dream, about my parents.
The anniversary of their deaths is coming close, and will happen next week. But because their burial was delayed, the day of yartzeit, lighting the little candles in remembrance of their passing, will be delayed as well, falling on days a few weeks after the actual event. I don't know how it is decided when the yartzeit is actually held, to tell the truth. I will have to look it up.
In the dream, my parents had gone on living in a board and care, without my knowing it or paying for it. My father had taken charge of the money, and was doling it out. The house where they were living was at the beach. I'm not really sure which beach it was though. They were cared for tenderly, by Filipino caregivers, as in life, but not any of the ones I knew. And they were about to move to another beach house, where they would live with other disabled people. In the dream, I was helping them pack their boxes, and it was amazing; I could almost smell my mother's perfume, though she never wore any actually. In the dream she did. And my father's after-shave. It was not a sad dream, though it made me think of them and decide to go get stones from the beach to put on their graves, which I have not visited since the day of my mother's funeral. I didn't really find the sort of uniform stones I wanted to. Of course, one can't predict what the sea will throw up on the sand. There weren't that many stones at all, so I had to be satisfied with what I found.

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