Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marly's new Book--The Throne of Psyche

I am now engrossed in reading Marly's new collection of poetry, published by Mercer University Press, The Throne of Psyche, at least for the 15 or so minutes per day I have free.
It is a the kind of thing that she does so well--lyric poetry in sequences spoken from the perspective of characters, in this case, mythological figures (at least for the title section of the book).Though I got the book a few days ago, I have only just begun reading it because I am besieged by student papers and emails that keep me hopping from morning till late at night.
This is only one of 7 publications Marly has just this year, and it amazes me that she is an endless fount of beautiful writing, from this collection to her blog. I don't know how she manages, like a geyser, to keep on producing so effortlessly when I am getting hives and losing sleep just over the little bit, comparatively, that I do! It impresses me, and I wish I could buy some of that energy and apply it topically like Bengay, perhaps, for my aching psyche.
In any case, I recommend this book to you, as it is beautiful both as a collection of poems and as a bibliophile's delight, with its gorgeous cover art. I will try to get a shot of it from the Internet to put here.


Marly Youmans said...

Hi Robbi--

Thanks for the kind mention--I shall catch up with you when i get back from Wales and hence have a little time...

Robbi said...

Okay. Enjoy.