Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the World

Supposedly, the world will end today at 6:00 PM. The millenial minister who has been spreading this news on billboards and street corners far and wide has proclaimed similar such news before, like the many before him who hunger for the end of days, dissatisfied with the beautiful world their own God has given them, with its elephants and sunsets and hillsides embroidered in green and gold. It is just that the end of a story is so much more satisfying than the middle, and that is why Scheherizadh was spared, just so she might eventually reach the end, except for her eternal and mythical feminine wisdom, which is composed of the art of unraveling and addition--witness also Penelope and her weaving, the power of the powerless to undo what they have done.


liz said...

a beautiful denouement to a ridiculous
assertion, thanks Robbi!

Robbi said...

Thanks Liz.