Friday, May 20, 2011


The prospect of job-seeking, as always, shakes me. That has always been something that stirs my most secret fears and insecurities. And, as always, not knowing inspires my most dire imaginings. I need to quell them and truly not care. There will always be something I can do. I need to remind myself of this.


Robin said...

Job hunting is scary for most people, and does tend to make one feel insecure at times. I suspect that the more you send out resumes and make inquiries about jobs, the better you will feel. That way, at least(in my experience), you won't be sitting around, paralyzed by fear.

At the very worst, you will feel that you have done all you could, and, of course, one of those inquiries just might lead to a job that you'll really like.

Regardless of what happens in the short term (With a bit of time,I am absolutely certain you will find a career you really like), I am happy that you will have a chance to have a rest and travel. You really deserve i!

Robbi said...

Thanks Robin. I need to rest, and the truth is that I would rather not find something right away, but for the long term. And I have not done all I could for just this reason.

Robbi said...

By the way, you cannot know how much it means to me that you and Liz keep tabs on me and check on me and hold my hand as I go through my withdrawal pangs. I know you have been there, as have I before, unfortunately.