Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Cat Catches Up On the Action

One nice result of having big windows in this house is that the cats are much more aware of what is going on outside, and since we are right across from the pool and live in a complex where almost everyone but us has dogs, the cats have lots to look at all the time. This has had positive effects on their behavior and physical condition. Whistler is still obsessed with food, still insists on eating in the middle of the night, but he has lost a lot of weight between having the goings-on outside to think of and the stairs to run up. He also has a favorite spot: the washing machine. He especially likes to sit on the dryer when it is running. I guess it's cozy.
Shadow has been much better about going in her box, except for a couple of obvious accidents, where she didn't quite make it to the box. The tile and laminate floors have made a huge difference, and they keep the house cool on hot days. Of course, in winter, the house seems colder because of them, but it isn't bad. The sun coming through the windows helps a lot. This place would be a natural for solar, but I am sure that even if we could afford it, the HOA wouldn't allow it.

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