Sunday, June 21, 2009

10,000 head

My dad is now a proud rancher of over 10,000 head... of worms. I met the worm compost lady in the parking lot of Starbucks, outside the Claim Jumper on Alton and Culver, asked a few questions, and became the new owner of the worm ranch, which I quickly drove over to my dad's place.
After about a half an hour, the ranch was up and running, the worms wriggling freely through their spacious new spread. I hope it works out; otherwise, I think my dad's heart will be broken.
We then went out to eat our father's day lunner (somewhere between lunch and dinner) at Bubba Gump in Anaheim. As usual, my dad, having ordered a pan browned tilapia with mango-pineapple salsa, declared that this had to be his best dinner yet, in all his almost 93 years! He scored mom's fries, her coleslaw, some of her fried mahi, and a couple of popcorn shrimp, along with a bodacious blueberry lemonade. You can't accuse him of not being enthusiastic or not having an appetite. No one wanted dessert--except mom. We got her some chocolate at the candy store a few doors down. My dad didn't eat his sugar-free peanut butter cup. He stashed it for tomorrow.


Lou said...

Ha! Being able to enjoy good meals means so much!

Robbi said...

That's true. It's about all he has left, that and his worms and maybe his puzzles!