Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not so Hot

Today in class, the discussion of the film didn't go so well. It seems that a number of people have not watched it again, after the initial time in class. I warned tham that writing about the film without watching it again would be impossible, since they would at most be able to recite the plot and repeat what was said in class, but I don't know how much effect that warning will have.
Though we have just as much classtime to devote to the film as during the regular semester, there's not much time for them to watch the film again, outside of class, and to let some of it perculate and sink in.
The paper topic asks them to think about how women are substituted for one another in the film and to choose either one of those substitutions or two to compare and discuss in the essay. All sorts of interesting parallels emerged in discussion. There are several choices of where they can go with this, but only if they know the film well enough to think of examples from it to prove their assertions.
These drafts might be terrible, or if they get inspired and watch the film again, they could be pretty good. There could also be a bunch of plagiarisms since the Internet is full of websites and commentary about the film. I've told them not to use any sources besides the film itself and our discussion of it. I'll have to watch out for that.


Lou said...

Rats, it's so hard when not everyone is ready to participate in a discussion. Just today, a student told me that she was frustrated by group discussions in her WR 201 class because too many students came unprepared, then just stole the ideas of those who did come prepared.

Robbi said...

Yep. Know what she means. I am trying my hardest to get them up to speed, but if they don't do the reading or watch the movie a few more times, there's nothing I can do for them, and I told them that.