Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Driving in the Wee Hours

A couple of years ago, I used to take Ambien for sleeping problems, but I would worry that one day, my parents' caregivers would call me and tell me I needed to come take dad or mom to the hospital in the middle of the night, and I wouldn't be able to get up.
I had to stop taking the medication anyhow because it was addictive and was actually keeping me from sleeping if I didn't continually increase the dose. So I cut it out, and now I was able to wake up at 2 AM to go to the ER at Saddleback, where dad was taken after not being able to breathe. It seems he had diarrhea all last night, and went to bed with a bad headache and stomach pain. He had already been taking antibiotic for the infection the doc identified on Friday. But it seems it wasn't the right medication, so the infection got worse and had a drastic effect on him. He woke up in the early hours not being able to breathe. The caregiver called me and asked if she should call the ambulance. Of course I said yes. By the time I got there, he had already been taken to Saddleback, where they do not have any of his current med. records. I didn't remember everything, but I was able to provide some info. Now he is in the hospital, and I hope we are able to lick this thing. I know it's temporary; every month, he has had an infection related to that tube in his urethra, but we don't have much choice.


Lou said...

Oh shoot. At this point, these events just can't be prevented, and I know how stressful they are. I used to tell myself that in the hospital, my parents were getting the best of care and attention. With my mom, I could see her relax once she'd be admitted to the hospital. All my best to you and your dad.

Robbi said...

You're right Lou. There's nothing we can do about these things. Thanks for the good wishes. My dad looks better, and I guess he'll be out in a couple of days.