Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie and dinner

Shit. I just wrote a post and didn't save it. Now I have to write it all over again.
We went out for dinner and a movie at the dollar movie theater and Chinese bbq with R and M. I never thought I would like Sunshine Cleaning as much as I did. I can just imagine the director pitching it to the studio--you'll love this movie about two sisters down on their luck who get into the post-mortem cleaning business! But it was sweet, well-acted and affecting. Another great movie at the dollar cinema!
The BBQ though is probably not the place to go for dinner. The selection of dim sum was small and was looking a bit wilted by that time. I had a bite at lunchtime yesterday, and it was great, fresh and beautiful. But anything under heat lamps doesn't fare well after a while. Still, the duck was good.


Lou said...

I'll keep that movie in mind.

Robbi said...

It was excellent. I think it was made by the same guy who made Little Miss Sunshine a few years ago. It also had Alan Arkin in it, like that film, and had the same sort of tone, and a cute but squirrly kid. Character studies. I liked it better than Little Miss Sunshine, actually.