Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rara Avis

This semester I am rewarded by having at least one extremely gifted writer in my class. He quietly produces work that is smooth and intelligent, in prose as clear as my own. I have asked him in my emails throughout the semester and in comments on his papers what his story is, where he transferred from, since he is clearly a bit older than the average student, and certainly better read, and what his major is. But up till today, he has not responded to my questions. Today I asked him outright, and he told me that he just moved here from another state, and that he is not yet enrolled in college. He is thinking of going into a creative writing undergrad program and then to a graduate program in screenwriting.
I hope that I will have the pleasure of advising him in his choice of programs, writing him letters of recommendation, and otherwise shepherding him through this process. He has been a great addition to my class, and with his writing and assistance to others in discussion and peer review, has made my job lighter.


Lou said...

Always a pleasure to have a writer in class.

Robbi said...

It is indeed. I think that this is by far the best writer I have ever had in a composition class, and I have had some very good ones.