Monday, June 15, 2009

Teaching Vertigo in 4 days

I feel as though teaching a 6 week course is kind of like running a marathon. I no sooner finish with one text than I realize I have only three weeks left to do two more. I think that's called "hitting the wall." Yeah. I just did that.
I gave back the paper today, and thank goodness, the students are hot to trot, ready to plunge into Vertigo. We have found a copy online at YouTube, and they have been busy watching it, noticing all sorts of interesting little things I hadn't seen before... Scottie doesn't lock the door of his car, for instance, after he's fallen in love with Madeleine. Of course, I doubt he was ever shown locking it, but then I've never particularly noticed. I'll have to look next time I watch it, which should be tomorrow, maybe. But I can't find my DVD! Think I left it in the classroom.
Sigh. They have to produce a draft on this film by next Monday. Ha.


Lou said...

That's fair. They have a whole week. Seven days. 168 hours. PLEN-ty of time.

Robbi said...

I guess. They aren't complaining. It's I who am wondering how dreadful those papers will be.