Saturday, June 20, 2009

Worms for Father's Day

My dad loves gardening, though it is difficult for him at this point in his life, when he must use a walker to get about and easily loses his balance or falls over his urine tube. One of his favorite activities in the past, until the board and care made him stop, was cutting up banana peels and other biodegradable garbage to make compost. It was smelly, and attracted fruit flies, so the state told the board and care it had to stop.
Recently, however, on a trip to the farmer's market at Laguna Hills on a Friday afternoon, I came upon the worm lady, who sells worm farms ("wriggler ranches," as they are called) to create compost out of scraps. I didn't know what to buy dad for father's day, so I mentioned this. His eyes lit up! This was just the ticket.
I scouted around online for the ranches, but decided it would be best to buy one locally, so I could help him to set it up rather than counting on the caregivers, who have other things to do, or expecting him to do it himself.
Yesterday at the farmer's market I did not have time to buy and drop off the ranch because I had a doctor's appointment, so I took a card from the worm lady and called her this morning, planning to have her explain the procedure to my dad. But she didn't answer the phone and wasn't available this afternoon. So I made a plan to meet her after she goes to church tomorrow morning in the parking lot of the church, which is coincidentally the same church that used to share a building with the synagogue I attend.
So tomorrow, before we head off for Bubba Gumps for dinner, I will be up to my elbows in worms, setting up the farm for dad.


Lou said...

The image of you and your dad wrangling worms on that wiggler ranch is worth a warm-hearted chuckle.

Robbi said...

I have always found interesting gifts for my dad. One year I bought him a mushroom farm that he kept in the fridge. It grew shitake mushrooms.