Sunday, June 28, 2009

Imagining Myself At Home

Now that I am considering looking into buying a house, I am looking at all sorts of places... condos at Woodbridge, duplexes in Tustin, 3 bedrooms in Lake Forest. R. says he doesn't want a condo, and that he'd like to avoid, if possible, those community fees most places hereabouts charge.
Of course I know there's the hurdle of the down payment to get over. There is no way we can fork over that money or anywhere close to it now. We'll have to get help somewhere. I have learned about some programs, but I'm not sure we'll be eligible, but I will still apply. One never knows.
But thinking about being a homeowner for the first time gives me an entirely different feeling about all the choices there are, one I haven't had before because I never truly thought we would be able to afford a house here. The economic bellyflop has given people like us an opening, even if it means a lot of pain for many many others.
I don't like the idea of taking a house out from under some family who lost it to foreclosure or taking advantage of someone's bad fortunes or even their poor judgment. It could so easily happen to us as well, and might if we aren't careful. But it's exciting, really. Just when I think I am stuck in my ways, I open a door and perceive myself as a different person.


Lou said...

For my association fees of $60 a month, I get a park, a pool, landscaped walkways, and a board of directors I can turn to when I have disputes with neighbors. Al Wlecke lived in my neighborhood for years, and he served on the board of directors for just as long. For all the bad-mouthing neighborhood associations receive, there must be a reason that homeowners keep them intact. I hope you find something affordable, comfortable, and safe, and that you don't let a fear of homeowners' associations turn you off of actually promising homes.

Robin said...

You and your family deserve a nice home! There are many factors affecting the current downturn, not just foreclosures--so please don't feel bad for the unfortunate people who have been hurt in this crisis. I'm just happy your opportunity is here, and if there's anything M and I can do to help, please let us know! House hunting can be fun, too! Maybe we can check out some of your prospective choices with you(?)

Robbi said...

Unfortunately Lou, I am seeing only association fees of $250-$360 per month. Nothing lower in Irvine or South County. It's upsetting. I also haven't seen anything without an association fee. Given that we can only afford about $1600. per month at the moment, our choice is not large.

Robbi said...

Thank you Robin. You are right that some people haven't lost their homes; they are probably taking advantage of the downturn to move up to better places.
I'd love for you to check out places with us. First we're going to consult a professional others have used and trusted, to see whether we can really afford this. Then we can look at his and your listings.