Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It turns out that all the hoo-hah with my father was caused by an allergic reaction to Levoquin, which I believe is a derivative of pennicylin (sp?). He has never been allergic to that before, but now he apparently is. Saddleback inexplicably replaced one derivative of pennicyclin with another, and he had another reaction! I don't think I'll take him back to that hospital again, though it might have been a fluke.
UCI kept my dad overnight, testing him all night long in the CT scanner, etc. They quickly determined what was wrong and released him. Though they are screwed up and disorganized, the medical care seems to be top notch, so we will stick with them.


Lou said...

What a relief! I hope he is resting much easier now.

Robbi said...

He is feeling very good. Let that continue!