Saturday, June 13, 2009

Making a Life

Thinking about Jeremy forging out on his own, I was interested to hear the speaker at synagogue last night. The choir sang (that's me and my friends at synagogue) to celebrate 2 anniversaries of people in the choir--a 25th and 50th--graduation of some high school students in the community, and an interesting speaker presented some of his thoughts.
He was a famous neurosurgeon who was once an illegal immigrant from Mexicali working the tomato fields. By sheer dint of determination and intelligence, he made his way through Harvard med school, and now is head of his department at Johns Hopkins. But he is such a sweet, humble person, so kind. He is not Jewish, obviously, but seemed very intrigued and interested in our service.
His words about his life made me feel more secure about Jeremy finding his way. If this man could do it, without the benefit of a middle class upbringing, overcoming barriers of all kinds, then Jeremy can probably make a go of it as well, particularly since he does not aspire to Harvard Med and brain surgery.


Anonymous said...


As I told you earliar this week. He will use up all of the money, and act like a fool spending it and he will be back. At his age, they do not have a clue about the expenses of being out on their own. Let him try it, he will be back. LOL, ask him if he has time for a full time job and half, and the time to be a full time student.


Lou said...

You are at a difficult time because it is so hard to imagine your son as an adult. But there will come a time when you will hardly remember him as a child. It will all be okay.

Robbi said...

Even he says that will probably happen Beth. Sometimes he surprises me with his foresight and maturity, but that doesn't stop him from being and behaving like a kid. He is one.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou. I know you have been there and done that.