Friday, June 5, 2009


Another weekend. Weekends may be my busiest time because I want to get in yoga classes every day since I may not have time to do it sometimes during the week. These classes do more than exercise my body, though they certainly do that. I often awake in pain, since I am definitely out of alignment. I tend to sleep on my sides, which means that my hip hurts on my left side and I can't even bear much weight on my left side. My right groin muscles are very tight and I have a hard time lifting the right leg to 90 degrees. And my right arm and shoulder are tight and painful. My lower back also hurts sometimes.
More concerning, when I have a very full schedule, my anxiety begins acting up, throwing everything for a loop and making me miserable. I can't sleep at all, or I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep, my mind full of worries.
So going to yoga class is a time to forget everything and just relax, concentrating on caring for my body and my mind. I feel satisfaction that when I leave class, although I may hurt somewhat, I have done something meaningful and accomplished something real for myself. I have actually become quite good at many asanas (postures), although I have always been notoriously poor at physical pursuits, cannot dance, have trouble imagining my body in space, etc. Not that I am going to let it go to my head. For every one asana I can do, there are many I cannot even begin to do. As my yoga teachers remind me, one is never "finished" with a given posture. There is always room for improvement. In that way, yoga is like writing.

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