Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Fruits

I love to eat and sometimes, to cook. My favorite thing to eat and to think about eating though, is anything involving summer fruits--cherries, watermelons, ripe, luscious nectarines and peaches are the epitome of deliciousness for me. I would much rather eat them than whipped cream, cake, etc. However, there is a down side to this. Though these fruits are lovely to look at, fragrant, delicious, and even healthy on top of everything else, too many of them will have a deliterious effect on one's stomach and sometimes even burn holes into her mouth! This happens to me sometimes.
I bought beautiful apricots and nectarines yesterday and have cherries in the fridge, but I have to lay off for a few days. My stomach is crying uncle.


Lou said...

I likes fruits, too, but better than cake? . . . nah. LOL

Robbi said...

I like them better than cake,believe it or not! I can't eat chocolate because I have a bad reaction to it (breast lumps that are very very painful and may be a precursor to breast cancer). I haven't eaten chocolate in years, but I had a dream the other night in which I popped a chocolate into my mouth when no one was looking and actually tasted it! Maybe it's because I have been avoiding buying chocolate that isn't fair-trade for my mom because all the other chocolate on the market is made by slaves, including all the major makes. This awareness has made me think about it I guess.