Thursday, June 4, 2009

dad again

My dad was released from the hospital again, and since I didn't get home from work till about 4:30, he was calling all day, pathetically saying that he wanted to come home. I was angry at the doctors because yesterday, I asked the doctor in charge of his case to please not worry my dad because I was not going to be available till late in the day to pick him up. I didn't want the nurses or anyone to tell him it was time to go until I was on my way. And the doctor promised he would arrange that, but he didn't. It was a fiasco, and finally the board and care came to get him.
I wish there were something we could do to stop this crap from happening every month. And if he has to have antibiotics all the time, sometime they are bound to stop working. That specially bothers me because so many of my students are very sick with the flu. Jeremy says kids at his college are also sick.
Jeremy is planning to take assessment tests at my school, so maybe he will be attending classes there next year. I hope he doesn't fail the classes he is taking now. He says he isn't sure how he did on the exam in English. But even if he does pass, he may end up taking that class again at IVC. I think he is much more proficient now than he was, but he had a long way to go. He wants to take a math class for sure. We aren't sure what level.


Lou said...

I'm so sorry, Robbi.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou. At least dad is home now. I'm not sure whether he'll be going to the Center today or waiting till next week.