Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catch Up

Yesterday I had a good class explaining to those who showed up what went wrong with the drafts. I discussed the kinds of approaches to the issue I saw in the papers, and how to undertake a causal argument and an evaluation argument. Some papers combined these and other approaches--definition/evaluating, causal/evaluation, for instance.
And I am having meetings with students continuing today. The ones whom I have seen so far understand what they need to do.
I will also finally take the cat to the vet, if I can catch him. Sometimes he realizes what is up and disappears under a bed or into the black hole of the closet and it is hopeless. No amount of wheedling or food rattling will coax him out.
And I will visit my mom, and go on from there to the monthly sale at the consignment store and yoga class in Laguna Beach.
I have a busy day planned, one filled with important and necessary things as well as with fun.

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