Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If it's Tuesday, this must be a medical emergency

My dad is on hospice now, but not my mom, who I secretly think ought to be. But no one has recommended it or said she has a limited lifespan, so I cannot ask for it. Now she has gotten up to use the commode in the night and fallen, and her knee is now swollen. She cannot walk at all.
Today was to be a busy day of grading those awful drafts, doing samples for class, taking the cat (at last) for his shots, if I could catch him, and going to work at 2. In the evening, I am supposed to go to Torah class. I didn't make the last Torah class because of my dad's medical emergency. I wasn't even going to yoga today so I could get all the other stuff done. Sigh.


Robin said...

I'm so sorry to hear about yet more medical emergencies. I hope that your parents' caretakers have the experience (and the time, of course!)to help your poor mother, and she is able to walk again soon. I agree, she probably needs Hospice. It worked great for the final months of my grandmother's life, but only the doctors can make this determination. Good luck, Robbi!

Lou said...

I am so sorry for the way all of this worked out today. Take care, Robbi.

Robbi said...

Thank you Robin, Lou. My mother was in so much pain! Now she is in surgery, and I hope it doesn't kill her before or after the fact.
It is quite possible and in fact probable that she will not walk again. She was forgetting how to do it anyhow.
The operation is going on at this moment, and will take at least 3 hours to complete. They say they'll call me in the morning, unless something goes wrong.