Monday, April 12, 2010

So Green

Yesterday I was luxuriating in the greenness of the grass and the leaves. That might seem ordinary and expected for those of you who live in temperate climates. What else would one see in April, after all? But most of the year out here, things are wheat colored and dry, unless they are deliberately watered. The hills' contours are exposed, like the flanks of a shaven dog, so the traces of earthquake folds can be plainly seen, the lines on a palm one scans and sees that earthquakes are our destiny in this part of the world.
This year we have gotten a little bit of rain at a time, and the grass and trees have responded with neon green leaves and shoots. We had our spring flowers (for the most part) a couple of months ago, but the summer is unfolding, and within a few weeks, will fade to its usual brown. This would be the time to go exploring in the hills. I am supposed to go on a wilderness workshop hike in Laguna Canyon Saturday. Somehow I will manage to find it, I hope not alone, since I don't have a very good record for that, do I?

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