Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feeling Better

At least I'm not so tired, and my butt doesn't hurt... yet. Haven't had yoga class.
I don't know why I feel better. After all, nothing was settled, really. And hard times for my father and for all of us are yet to come, yet I feel relieved. He made it over that hurdle. The future seems certain, if not rosy. And at 93, the future holds death anyway, fairly soon. But I'll take advantage of the feelings of relief and the burst of energy I feel to do things I love to do today. I won't be trying to go alone to the wilderness workshop, so with any luck, I will find the group.
Going to visit my dad at the hospital now! Have a good day!
Let's all send some love to Lou, who is having hard times with her partner,whose health is not good. I am sending some strength I had left over from yesterday. xo


Lou said...

Thank you, Robbi. Have a rejuvenating day!

Rebel Girl said...

What spirit. take care --

Robbi said...

Thank you guys.