Wednesday, April 14, 2010


If you read my post of two days ago, you will see that there are multiple postings from a new reader, Patty, who does not know me, or if she is someone whom I have met, neither of us are aware of it.
It seems that Patty attended a workshop at Denise's Orange studio (the Emotional Stability sequence, as it turns out), and Denise read some of my poems to the class from the chapbook series. She evidently did not mention my name though.
After the workshop, Patty says that she Googled Iyengar yoga, and found this blog. She has also applied for a part time position teaching English at IVC! Heretofore, she has been teaching at SCC, where Jeremy used to go before he transferred to IVC this year.
Small and smaller world.


Lou said...

My gosh!

marly said...


Robbi said...

Pretty amazing. She says it was partly my poems, which went unattributed, that inspired her to Google Iyengar yoga. Stange.... You have a point Marly!