Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

I hate April Fool's Day. Maybe this is because though I have a sense of humor, sometimes I can be incredibly dense and not see the humor in what people are saying at the moment. So I fear looking like a fool if I am caught in one of those situations where I take something literally when it is merely teasing or a joke.
Luckily, though I am at work today, no one has decided to tease me, probably because I am not feeling so well today and look it. I got lots and lots of sleep last night, except that it was continually interrupted by the cats, who were confused about how long I had been in bed (I went to bed before 8 because I didn't sleep the night before) and whether it was time for me to feed them. Also, I had lots of strange nightmares. For example, I dreamed I had to drive backwards, for some reason, and I was driving a bus! I ended up on the freeway (always fodder for nightmare), driving backwards. Ugh! That will spoil one's sleep, for sure.
At least my stomach is better. Now it's R's turn, so I guess I had a virus after all.


Anonymous said...

And it's almost April 2 now, so we are safe.

Robbi said...