Monday, April 5, 2010

Dead Radio

I am a fan of NPR. I listen all the time--in the car, in the house. That's why, now that my boombox has bitten the dust, I feel bereft. I have been looking around for a new radio, but one that isn't super-expensive and fancy, intended to serve as an IPOD station. I don't have an IPOD or an MP3 player. I just listen to music on the radio and CDs, when I listen at all. But I guess I'll have to take what I can get, particularly because my virus program won't allow me to listen live to the online station. I was thinking of having the computer guy, a student at the college who has named my file of documents (embarrassingly) "RabbiNester'sdocuments," come and set up my computer's fax so I can email/fax my cousin in Israel. She doesn't use computers, but has a fax machine. So I can ask him to set up the radio online too. That way, I won't have to buy a new radio, though perhaps it would be a good idea, just in case of an emergency, to have one.
I took my parents out yesterday afternoon. There were not many places to choose from. It was too cool for the beach, as predicted, and the mall was closed, but I took them in Farrell's ice cream parlor anyhow, and they had little sundaes, while I ate my bald fat free vanilla scoop with strawberries. Tonight I take my dad to the choir seder. It's the last full day of Passover for this year.
I am working on a poem about yesterday's earthquake.


marly said...

Speaking of dead electronics, my computer is dead... And so I shall catch up with you later in the week.

Robbi said...

Oh dear Marly! How did you write the comment then? Phone?