Thursday, April 29, 2010

So much energy

I did quite a bit today--everything I said I'd do, despite being late leaving from my last appointment with my student at 2. But in spite of that, I do not feel tired. Perhaps it's hanging upside down from the ropes for such a long time that, as Liz has it, shook all the crap out of my head (and everyone else's who was there in Bob's rope yoga class tonight!). I went into the class distracted and anxious, and left full of vigor, despite hunger and my mom's 2nd operation tomorrow morning.
Liz and I went to the hospital to visit mom before going to the yoga class. Mom was uncommunicative, despite being taken off of pain and all other meds. She could not eat or drink because she had aspirated whatever they gave her. Before I left, the nurses said she was going to be given water and chopped food again soon. But in spite of having her eyes closed and clearly being elsewhere in her mind, she smiled when I kissed her brow, and, the nurse said, fully opened her eyes and smiled when my dad came to visit her earlier in the day.
I don't know whether she will live through this ordeal. But she is not in pain and not sad or upset. I should be thankful for that.


Lou said...

Your description sounds like your mom is doing okay. And I am really glad to hear that your energy is up, just what you need to get through all of this.

Robbi said...

Yes, that's true.