Thursday, April 8, 2010


Remember that student of mine (did I mention her here?) whose fiance died a month before the wedding, very suddenly? I wasn't sure what to do because she wanted to stay in the class but of course finds herself unable to do the work or even to come to class? She was out of class for two weeks, during which she missed a paper and the start of another paper, and there are only a few weeks left of the semester and two more papers at the least to go (and an exam).
I had put up detailed emails going over what I taught in class last week, partly because several students just didn't show up for peer review and one was at a Model UN debate in New York city for the entire week also. I was thinking that perhaps this student could read those emails and since she is a very good, prepared student (an English major), she would be okay. But she didn't read her email. She was busy dealing with the legal issues around his death, working with lawyers, etc. I don't know what happened; I didn't ask.
But I decided it just couldn't wait anymore, and emailed her that I thought she should drop the class because she didn't have enough grades to take an incomplete.
She asked me to call her, and it was terrible, because of course she begged me and wept. And of course I gave in, though frankly I don't know how this is going to work.
She has been accepted to the University as a transfer student for next semester and must pass this class (with a very good grade too) to go on as planned.
I had offered to go to her house and teach her everything I had taught the class for the past two weeks and she at last took me up on it. I don't know how I will do it, but she wants me to come tomorrow, and of course I will.
Meanwhile, I have the papers to grade. It seems like a lot is happening this weekend--two yoga workshops I turned down because of school stuff (including the Emotional Stability workshop I wrote about being repeated again), political stuff that would have otherwise interested me, and of course, I have to prepare my class for next week, a feat since they are now working on their individual projects, and I must pull topics out of the air that I think will help them.

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