Monday, November 22, 2010


It ain't over till it's over, as they say, but if this does go through, it will be the fastest shopping trip for a major purchase I ever had. We knew that the place a few doors away, a two floor townhome, where one of my former students lived with his family, was for sale. It is the biggest style in the complex, where we have lived for a number of years. While I had preferred a one floor model, it was, according to the realtor, the only place for sale in Irvine that fit our criteria and price range. So it was the first place we looked at, and I decided after our epic trip to Lake Forest, that I wanted to put a bid in on it. So many people had looked at it by that time, I assumed there was no chance at all we'd even get a chance to bid, but only one person had put an offer down on it, and he bid so low, below the asking price, that the owner wouldn't even consider it, according to the realtor. So if the bank approves, we will get this place. It is more expensive than the ones in Lake Forest, but it is here, in familiar territory, close to everything, and it makes me feel comfortable. It has beautiful fruit trees in the yard (it's a corner unit) and no mello roos. The taxes are low and it is lots less expensive than the comps, though we can't figure out why. But we aren't asking.
If it doesn't happen, we'll hope more Irvine stuff turns up. And we'll look at some places in Tustin.


Lou said...

Fingers crossed!

Rebel Girl said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'll second that! Sounds exciting.

the other L