Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Chanukah starts tomorrow and I don't know where my menorah and other paraphernalia are. Somewhere I have dreidels galore, books, hannukiah (menorahs by another name), candles,etc. But since Jeremy moved out I don't know where they are. They used to be in his drawer, in the storage bed, where I knew how to find them.
Jeremy naturally loved Chanukah, as Christian kids do Christmas, and every year for a long time I would have a big dinner party, for which I would cook for a week. He would invite his non-Jewish friends, to show off what a great holiday it was. He would light his own menorah every night, and spin dreidels day and night. Naturally, the daily presents were nothing to sneeze at either.
This year I managed to get R a couple of gifts, but nothing for Jeremy because I had no idea what he wanted or needed. He said simply to take him shopping for clothes and to give him money for food. That's what we will do. Yesterday I took him out to eat sushi to discuss this, and today I will take him to the dentist to pay for his extensive treatment plan. He didn't go for years, and this is the price he pays. But he also needs a night guard because he grinds his teeth and has to have his wisdom teeth out too. Before that, dentists were no big deal for him, as for me. I have had only two cavities in my life. Good genes.

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