Sunday, November 28, 2010

Still Waiting

The realtor told us that there were multiple bids on the place down the street. So we don't think we're going to get it. We get MLS listings every day that fit our criteria in the places we would be willing to consider. Just about all the Tustin places look as if they are along big loud streets and in bad neighborhoods except for a couple that are too expensive. We will look at some more Lake Forest places because I am beginning to doubt that we can get anything in Irvine. There are a couple of Woodbridge places, one I would love to have, but it is too expensive. The place we looked at first, with the wet bar in the bedroom (weird!) and the black granite floors is still available, but the price has been raised beyond our range.
I don't know if the realtor will call us to go look at some of these places. Maybe I will email him this morning.

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