Monday, January 24, 2011

Blue Valentine

I love to go to the movies, and haven't been able to do it lately, so last night I stole a few hours to go to the movies with Robin and Manny, whom I haven't seen in quite a while.
The movie was quirky and always interesting, with a wonderful screenplay that had strong, convincing dialogue. The characters were charming and convincing, people you wanted to spend time with. They had the additional interest for me of being familiar Philadelphia folks, though I don't think the film was actually filmed there. The subway and the black leather and tatoos of the male lead, hood worn up over the leather jacket, were quite familiar, reminding me of the tribal garb worn in certain parts of the city.
The technique of the film matched that quirkiness of the screenplay, with odd, interesting perspectives and camera positions. Generally, I found it to be a very well made movie and enjoyed it a lot.
I recommend it to you too.


my said...

Trala, a frivolous outing! Good.

Robin said...

We all loved the movie, and we really, really needed the break! It was great seeing you!

Robbi said...

Yes, much needed! It was great seeing you too, Robin.

marlyat2 said...

The Rob-folk must hang out together now and then.

Robbi said...

It happens, though occasionally, plus choir and yoga.