Friday, January 14, 2011

The House, and Where We Stand

While all this other stuff has been going on in my life, the house situation has been progressing. We are in escrow with that little cottage in Lake Forest, and the appraisal came in yesterday at exactly what we are paying. We were given a $5000. credit to get a new air conditioner, garage door opener, toilet, garbage disposal, and a few other things, like the fireplace gas connections. The rest we will fix little by little--first the floor upstairs, taking out that awful carpet that looks and smells like a dead thing on the stairs and part of the upstairs and the scratched up wood floor in the main bedroom. We will begin looking for furniture and a flat screen tv to hang over the fire place, and we will eventually, sometime next month, move into the house and out of this place.
Not a moment too soon, as the toilet, which erupted in a spectacular fountain of waste matter last week, is leaking, thankfully clean water. The plumber warned us that it could go any minute, since it is 26 years old. THe other toilet is virtually unusable as well.
The landlady didn't replace these fixtures, though she could have, hoping it would have driven us out a long time ago. We hung on till now, but soon, we're out of here.
All the worries I have now about my job are fairly terrifying, given this expense that we have before us, but I am hoping for the best, and proceeding. I may never be able to buy a house here again, when the prices and interest rates go up, which they will be doing sometime, I have no doubt. In any case, the payment for this house will not come in much higher than what we are paying here for an inferior place, albeit closer to work and other things.
May the fates be with us in this endeavor.

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