Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Interesting Times

We all know about that purported Chinese blessing/curse, "May you live in interesting times." As usual, the word "interesting" is not what it seems in this statement, suggesting a hint of unspoken negativity or irony.
This period in my life, while full of promise, is one of those "interesting times" for me. I must, in a short period coming up within the next month or so, move out of one place and into another, start a new venture at CSU of teaching a class, begin a new semester at IVC, get the new place clean up and fixed for our arrival, choose and buy all new furniture because we don't really have any to speak of here, and generally get settled and running smoothly.
Is it any wonder I don't find myself able to write right now? It is a wonder I can walk, talk, and carry on my usual life now with all that roiling around in my head.


marly said...

Just make some lists and keep walking through them! That's what I do... Forget the pressure to "multi-task." Hate that word.

Robbi said...

Lists are good. I have to make time for them though... better just to do yoga, and breathe.