Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dream and More

Calm last night, I dreamed of horses escaping through a fence onto the road. I think I know now more about the stories class for next year. Some topics relevant to it: the effect of placebos (there is a lot of recent stuff about this, surprising stuff that finds even when people know the drug is a placebo, the story of its effectiveness itself has a positive effect!), in addition to the effect of role-playing, as in the Stanford Prison Experiment, the military, etc... . I could have them read one of my old favorites, Madame Bovary. I would say Don Quixote, but it is just too long, and bogs down in parts.
For the other class, I haven't thought of a third work to use, so if anyone can, please let me know.


marly said...

Madame Bovary I highly respect but cannot, cannot love. Just saying.

Robbi said...

I understand. It is hard to read, especially the death scene. But it is beautiful. If you can think of another, easier to stomach work on a similar theme (the dangers of narrative) let me know.