Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yesterday's Class

Although I feel to some degree this semester that I am walking on eggshells because of the grade grievance, the class went smoothly yesterday. It seems like a decent group of students, again, as has happened so often in the past couple of years, more male than female. I didn't have a lot of petitioners, and all but one person on the roster (whom I dropped) showed up for class. Perhaps this is because I emailed them beforehand and told them to download the syllabus and information sheet and take a look at Blackboard in general.
Anyone who didn't like the sound of what we were doing or how we would be doing it had the opportunity to back out even before the first day. Of course, only about half (if that) of the students did go to Blackboard, finally, and of those, a handful downloaded the syllabus and information sheet. I made only 15 copies of these, so they will have to get these things for themselves.
This morning, I meet with my breakfast club, the 7:30 AM class. Let's see how that goes!


marlyat2 said...

Hope it's a good one--complete demands up front is always a good idea.

Robbi said...