Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy MLK Day!

Yesterday, the choir gave a short concert to assembled children and adults who were involved in various projects for Mitzvah Day, our synagogue's response to the National Day of Service that coincides with MLK day.
We sang our old standards for this day, the Negro National Anthem, "The Storm is Passing Over," and "Go Down Moses." Though we had not had much practice, we enjoyed singing, and the group received us enthusiastically enough, clapping and swaying to the music.
Followed by our concert, a young girl in the congregation entertained us with a song from a musical she picked up from YouTube. I think we are raising yet another young actress who may very well end up on Broadway like a few kids before her in this congregation.
A yoga class in the late afternoon helped to make this a good day, though my hips are quite sore following that class. My yoga teacher Denise has been making an effort to loosen them up so I can avoid a hip replacement, something she herself went through last year.


marly said...

Ugh! Terrible thought... No yoga here, but weights and rebounding.

Happy MLK singing!

Robbi said...

I'd rather do yoga, personally.