Thursday, January 20, 2011

Next Week

Hard to believe it will already be the third week of the semester next week! My CSU class starts on Tuesday. I would like to contact my students so that I can get them to get a copy of the film before they come to class. There is so little I know about the institution or the administrative details connected with working there. This makes me a bit nervous, but things will shake out. Everyone will be up in the air because the campus just moved to a different part of Irvine, and the building is still in the process of being fitted out for the students. For example, I learned today that the bookstore was never told about my course. The students have to go up to Fullerton to a bookstore there to buy their books. Perhaps they can order them online? Hope so.

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Robin said...

Hopefully, you will be able to get to the campus early and chase someone down to explain these details (?) The administrative staff should be there on the first day or two of classes, and though they will probably be deluged with requests from new and confused instructors, at least they can direct you to some solutions.