Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sorry For Disappearing

Today I got up at 5:30 AM, to blazing lights. Richard was in the living room, writing a letter to the landlord again. And also a poem to go with it, though he will not send that to her.
I took advantage of the lights to get up early and start on my website for the new University position I will start on Tuesday. I have to get that Blackboard site up and running and had to send a welcome to the class email to my new students, asking them to get and watch the film we will study in the class, starting right away.
So I spent until 8:30 this morning doing that, talking to a librarian at the library there by virtual chat so he could find me a particular article I needed to link to on Blackboard, then ran off to a day of yoga.
First I went to my regular class with Bob in Costa Mesa, then to a Pranayama workshop with Denise, with a vegan lunch between the two. After I came home, I tried to pack in a bit more work for the upcoming school week, as well as doing the grocery shopping and cooking leftovers for dinner.
It was a lovely warm day.

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