Friday, January 21, 2011

Landlord War

The toilet saga continues. The landlord is trying to foist payment for the dicey plumbing off on some sort of insurance coverage she has purchased; however, it is necessary for the long-term state of the fixtures to be concealed for the plumbers from the insurance company to come out here. That is why, after I told the plumber on the phone last time to bring a new toilet, no plumber ever came to fix the toilet.
It is apparently rather like a health insurance policy that will not come into force if there is a pre-existing condition. The problem is that no plumber who is not blind or crazy will see with his own practiced eyes that this problem has been brewing for some time now. How she thinks she can finesse that, I don't know.
Now that we cannot flush solid waste at all, if the plumber doesn't fix this today, we will bring in the heavy guns, in the form of the OC housing rights people, and she will pay for it, one way or another.


marlyat2 said...

Frying pan. Fire. Frying pan. Fire. Does seem it would let up, doesn't it?

marlyat2 said...

You have vanished! I hope the toilet did not flood the world!

Robin said...

Go get her, Robbi! I still can't understand her resistance to fixing/replacing a toilet. What's the maximum replacement cost of a toilet--$80? If there's additional plumbing work involved, well, that's her problem, too. I wouldn't be surprised if she has really old pipes that are about to crack, etc.

Robbi said...

Fire or water! But the plumber DID come, did declare the toilet antiquated, but did, in any case, change the ill-fitting flapper, replace rusted parts, and put in a new handle that does not fall on the floor when I try to flush it. Blessedly.
Richard is still mad as hell, and still plans to pursue this, in any case.